“The Tourism Center of Turkestan” is a tourist information center established in 2015 to improve the quality of tourism services and increase the information accessibility of Turkestan region as a popular tourist destination. Its main goal is to organize the first state-funded tourist information service in Turkestan region to support the tourism industry and provide tourists with relevant information about the region’s tourist attractions. The center follows the “one-stop-shop” principle and offers services related to six main categories.

First direction

The first category provides opportunities for tour operators, transportation companies, guides, and accommodation services to promote their businesses.

Second direction

The second category aims to research and develop the tourism industry, including partnering with international tourism operators to expand Central Asia’s tourism industry and establish a comprehensive tourist database.

Third direction

The third category focuses on enhancing Turkestan’s tourism image by creating online advertisements, placing billboards in Shymkent, Nur-Sultan, Almaty, and airing commercials.

Fourth direction

The fourth category involves identifying and collaborating with over 500 major tour operators to provide tourists with top-quality tours, including monitoring foreign tourism centers.

Fifth direction

The fifth category involves organizing tourism-related events and activities.

Sixth direction

The sixth and final category focuses on encouraging investment in the tourism industry and implementing tourism projects.