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Turkestan region is located in the south of Kazakhstan, within the eastern part of the Turan lowland and the western spurs of the Tien Shan. Most of the territory is flat, with hilly – sand ridges of Kyzylkum, the Shardar steppe (in the south – west, along the left bank of the Syr Darya) and Moyynkum (in the north, along the left bank of the Chu). The northern part is occupied by the Betpak – Dala desert, in the extreme south – the Hungry Steppe (Myrzashol). The middle part of the region is occupied by the Karatau ridge (Mount Bessaz – 2176 m), in the southeast – the western outskirts of the Talas Alatau, Karzhantau ranges (height up to 2824 m) and Ugamsky (the highest point – Sairamsky peak – 4238 m). The largest rivers are the Syr Darya (with tributaries of the Keles, Kurukkes, Arys, Bugun and others) crosses the territory of the region from the south to the north – west, and the Chu river (lower course), flowing in the north and lost in the sands of Moyynkum. The region is located in a zone of sharply continental climate. Fertile soils, plenty of sunshine, vast pastures create great opportunities for the development of various agricultural sectors in this area, primarily irrigated agriculture and grazing sheep. High yields are given by cotton, rice, as well as orchards and vineyards.

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